The Recycling industry is growing rapidly worldwide as the demand to reuse precious resouces becomes more urgent.

The process of breaking down waste materials into in order to recycle them dmeands powerful forces delivered by complex hydraulics. Colmar's extensive experience in suppling the mining industry has lead to it being selected for many projects related to recylcling.

We manufacture and repair -

  • All hydraulics, from small cylinders through to large double acting, telescopic and specialised hydraulic cylinders.
  • At Colmar we can manage all stages of the manufacturing process and because 99% of production work is completed in-house we provide a quality guarantee on all our work.

We understand what it takes to make recycling happen.

Most people know ANL for their distinctively signwriting fleet of trucks and landscaping supply centres, but this dynamic company is both large and diverse and is one of the largest recyclers in the country.

Most of the chip bark and potting mixes sold at the major chains around the country is supplied by ANL and produced at their recycling facilities at Badgerys Creek, west of Sydney.

While ANL import cutting edge grinding and shredding machinery for Europe and North America, much of it needs modification and strengthening to cope with Australian hardwoods. Colmar carries out this work.

Colmar has been working closely with ANL for over 15 years on many projects including suppling hydraulic components and manufacturing spare parts for its successful Matilda Walking Floor systems, an innovation ANL first introduced to Australia in 1978.

Australian Native Landscapes


Building a better Australia.

We have a close connection with the land.

Supporting Australian mining since 1987

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