The last few decades have seen local governments move towards outsourcing much of their traditional functions, not always with the cost savings and efficiencies that were promised. Colmar provides an alternative to this trend, delivering broad support to keeping many traditional services in-house and under control.

We manufacture and repair;

  • All hydraulics, from small cylinders through to large double acting, telescopic and specialised hydraulic cylinders.
  • Precision groundskeeping equipment including gearbox parts, slashers and mower rollers.

At Colmar we can manage all stages of the manufacturing process and because 99% of production work is completed in-house, we provide a quality guarantee on all our work.

We know that all our government work is garbage.

Blacktown City Council has elected to keep both its Lawn and Garden Maintenance and Garbage Collection services in-house, bucking the trend of outsourcing these services to large third party contactors.

This has proved to be a cost-effective strategy and has been applauded for keeping jobs within the Council's local area.

Colmar has partnered BCC for the last 9 years, providing engineering services to keep its fleet of garbage trucks and lawn mowing equipment running smoothly. BCC had found that the OEM suppliers were not reliable and often did not carry the critical spare parts when needed. Colmar supply both newly manufactured parts and re-engineer existing critical components in a cost effective and timely manner and work closely with the Council to ensure that their fleets stay operating.

We would look forward to taking to other Councils and Government departments about taking back control of their primary services.

Blacktown City Council


Building a better Australia.

We have a close connection with the land.

We understand what it takes to make recycling happen.

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