Every product you touch, use, or consume during a day has come to be through engineering. If not in its manufacture or processing, then its distribution and transportation.

Colmar’s services are used by a hugely diverse group of companies, from hydraulic cylinders used in the manufacture pharmaceuticals at leading multi nationals like Pfizer to copper pipe manufacturing at Crane Enfield. Even products manufactured overseas rely on stevedores Like Patricks to move their containers efficiently. They in turn rely on Colmar to keep the hydraulics in their container lifts constantly operating.

We manufacture and repair-

  • All hydraulics, from small cylinders through to large double acting, telescopic and specialised hydraulic cylinders.

At Colmar we can manage all stages of the manufacturing process and because 99% of production work is completed in-house we provide a quality guarantee on all our work.


Keeping the wheels of industry turning.

As the world ground to a halt with Covid 19, more and more people were forced into home isolation. That left a lot of people with time on their hands, Netflix boomed and a huge increase in the demand for sweets.

With no imports coming in, pressure mounted on the Australian manufacturers to up their production to fill the demand. Manufacturing equipment that had laid idle for years was brought back into service and new machinery had to be maintained at peak capacity.

In partnership with long time collaborators PT Engineering, Colmar was quickly brought up to speed on the industries needs and kept the river of Netflix lollies flowing.

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NID Lolly Makers


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Supporting Australian mining since 1987.

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