Civil engineers design, construct, manage and maintain the infrastructure of modern society. Roads, railways, tunnels, buildings, bridges, airports, mines, dams, ports and harbours, water supply and sewerage systems and flood mitigation works are all shaped by civil engineers.

Over the years Colmar has assisted companies involved in road and bridge construction, concrete stressing, drilling and piling, earthmoving and trenching industries. Most recently we have manufactured special purpose equipment to assist with the construction of the North West Rail Link.

Colmar manufactures and repairs -

  • Hydraulic cylinders from 20mm to 1.6m diameter bore and 100mm to 10m stroke
  • Drilling Augers
  • Solid or hollow for pumping concrete
  • Associated couplings, concrete swivels and grout mixing machines to any size.
  • Special purpose Grabs both pulley or hydraulically operated.
  • 4 in 1 buckets for skid steers.

Building a better Australia.

Everyone has heard about Barangaroo: the transformation of this 22-hectare brownfield site west of the port of Sydney is one of the world’s most ambitious urban renewal projects currently under way. It includes a park, three apartment and office towers, a hotel and casino and a shopping area. Such a big urban development starts by making sure there is a solid ground to build on.

The first phase of the project for Menard Oceania and Soletanche Bachy International (SBIMBJV) involved the construction of the foundations for the three high-rise buildings and the Crown Casino, anchoring them at a depth of more than 25 metres, as well as the construction of the pre-tensioned concrete perimeter retaining walls.

Traditionally the pre-tensioned cable reinforcement for the concrete would be craned in to position on the ground and go through a lengthy cleaning process before the before being secured in concrete. Colmar developed a diesel-powered reel system system that kept the cables dry and clean before they needed and then fed into the conduits onsite.

This system saved Menard Oceania and Soletanche Bachy X amount of time and helped to deliver the project months ahead of schedule.

Barangaroo Sea Wall


Australian Native Landscapes

NID Lolly Makers

Working with Komatsu.

The biggest drill rig in Australia.

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